Homemade Caesar Dressing

We have an amazing discovery! Combining our Mellow Yellow Mayonnaise with Classic Vinaigrette along with parmesan cheese creates an amazingly simple and tasty Homemade Caesar Dressing. Perfect for drizzling over crisp iceberg lettuce and grilled chicken to create the traditional Caesar Salad, this dressing is a brilliant way to make the famous creamy dressing yourself at home. A brilliant way to use our mayonnaise and classic vinaigrette dressing, this is a truly Mellow Yellow caesar dressing.


1 heaped tbsp Mellow Yellow Mayonnaise
3 tbsp Mellow Yellow Classic Vinaigrette
3 tbsp grated parmesan


In a bowl, whisk together your mayonnaise and classic vinaigrette dressing well until combined. Mix in the grated parmesan and enjoy.

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