Foodservice range

Every ingredient matters, your passion is that your customers deserve the finest dining experience. Introducing the Mellow Yellow Foodservice Rapeseed Oil range into your kitchen will help you to deliver healthy, delicious and nutritious meals. With its subtle nutty flavour and wonderful versatility, we work with a number of chefs that use Mellow Yellow every day in their kitchen.

Listen to our chefs explain why Mellow Yellow cold pressed rapeseed oil is the perfect kitchen companion

For more information about our foodservice rapeseed oil range, including foodservice wholesale suppliers, call us on 01933 622809 or email us...

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Farrington's Mellow Yellow Range

If you wish to stock Mellow Yellow products in your shop, the following list of wholesale suppliers are all available to fill your needs and your shelves. Alternatively you can contact us directly to purchase, price check, find out the latest deals or get information about stocking Mellow Yellow. We can support your display with point of sale and add you to our stockists page.

Our retail range is also available for Export.

For more information about stocking our retail range email us
or call us on
01933 622809

Independent Wholesale Suppliers

Cotswold Fayre

0845 6121201

Hider Food Imports Ltd

01482 5054333

MB Supplies

01543 211474

International Customers

Our retail and foodservice range is also available for Export.
For more information about stocking our range call us on +44 (0)1933 622809 or email us...

Fine Deli Trade Sweden AB

+46 (0) 706 430 489

Ramsden International

+44 (0)1472 315 610