Puy Lentil Lunch Pot

Quick to make, this little pot is bursting with delicious goodness to get you through the afternoon, pop it on your desk and dig in. The Puy Lentil Lunch Pot.


125g Puy Lentils
75g Feta Cheese, cubed
Handful rocket
Handful chopped fresh mint
Handful finely chopped red onion
Handful chopped cucumber
Handful pomegranate seeds
Handful toasted pumpkin seeds
Mellow Yellow Classic Vinaigrette


Simply add the lentils to the Kilner jar, followed by the finely chopped onion, chopped mint and cucumber. Add a generous splash of Mellow Yellow Classic Vinaigrette and stir. Then add the cubed feta and handful of rocket, add another small splash of dressing and give a tiny gentle mix. Top with the toasted pumpkin seeds and pomegranate - Voila your delicious lunch pot is ready to go!

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