Roasted Vegetables and Goat’s Cheese Toastie

Our roasted vegetables toastie is a fantastic lunch idea to use up any leftover roasted vegetables you may have in your fridge. With melted goat’s cheese to complement the roasted vegetables, this toastie makes a deliciously tasty lunch!


Sliced bread
Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil
Leftover roasted vegetables (we used courgette, peppers and onions)
Goat's cheese


Brush the outside of your bread with Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil. Place your roasted vegetables on one slice of bread and then put your goat's cheese on top. Top with the other slice of bread, oil side up.

The best toasties are made in sandwich cages, such as those available from our friends at Dualit designed for its range of toasters, to ensure perfectly crunchy bread. Alternatively, if you don’t have a Dualit toaster, you could use a reusable toastie bag.

Toast for 2 minutes. Leave in the toaster for a further minute to melt the cheese. Our method of choice is a nifty Dualit Sandwich Cage, compatible with a selection of its toasters. Thanks to its clever design, your sandwich can be assembled straight onto the cage and popped neatly into the toaster - if you’re worried about filling spilling out during toasting, you may have overfilled it slightly!

Serve and enjoy!

The washing up can wait, but don’t forget to unplug your toaster before you sit down to enjoy your toasted sandwich.

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