A simple, classic one pot chicken dish in a creamy white wine sauce with mushrooms and sugar snap peas. To add a deep, smoky dimension to this recipe, we have stirred in our Mellow Yellow Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil at the end, giving it a whole new depth of flavour, one we are sure you will love. If you want a special recipe for a Friday or Saturday evening with friends, this is ideal. Serve with creamy mashed potatoes and enjoy knowing you have created a wonderfully indulgent dish, all in one pot.

This smoked hummus recipe is full of deep, rich flavour thanks to our Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil. Perfect for dipping with tortillas, crudités or breadsticks, this makes a fantastic snack or light lunch. The addition of a smoky flavour makes this super moreish, we couldn’t help but keep going back for more! Simply pop all the ingredients in a food processor, blitz until smooth and there you go, a simple, tasty, homemade dip!

We’ve used our delicious, 48 hour Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil for this simple, vegan Smoky Mushroom Risotto recipe. The key here is to replace the usual knob of butter that is stirred in at the end of a risotto with a drizzle of our Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil. By stirring it in at the end of the cooking process, you add a wonderfully deep and rich smokiness to this risotto recipe, that perfectly complements the umami flavour of the mushrooms. Mushroom risotto is a brilliant classic and we’re sure you’ll love the addition of our intensely smoked oil to bring even more flavour to this dish.

The flavour of our Chilli & Cumin Dressing goes so well with salmon that you will have to give this recipe for Chilli and Cumin Salmon a go. So simple, with only three ingredients, it is a fantastic mid-week meal with new potatoes and green vegetables. All you need is a pan with a lid and you’re on your way to a delicious meal in only 15 minutes. With the perfect balance of aromatic and spicy flavours, our Chilli & Cumin Dressing is fantastic with salmon.


This recipe uses Mellow Yellow Chilli & Cumin Dressing, a delicious dressing with a touch of spice balanced with aromatic flavours. Simply click here to find your nearest stockist.

This Mediterranean Lentil Salad recipe is courtesy of Eat Unique, make sure to visit her website for plenty of delicious recipes and inspiration!

Lentils are high in dietary fibre and a good source of protein, they also contain essential vitamins & minerals which make them ideal for a plant based diet. This salad is full of colourful fresh vegetables which fit perfectly with the Mediterranean style diet. The bonus of making this delicious salad is that it can be made the day ahead if required and is great to serve at a BBQ.

Our Mellow Yellow Classic Vinaigrette has been used in this recipe. Made with our cold pressed rapeseed oil and no additives or preservatives, this delicious dressing is full of flavour, find stockists here.

This recipe for Mediterranean Spicy Chicken is courtesy of Eat Unique, make sure to visit her website for plenty of delicious recipes and inspiration!

A simple but tasty meal for anytime of the year but ideal for a family BBQ. Try to leave the chicken marinating for at least 30 minutes for a real depth of flavour. With plenty of herbs, this recipe will add plenty of flavour to your BBQ’s. Delicious served with Eat Unique’s Mediterranean Lentil Salad.

This recipe uses Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil which is low in saturated fat and high in Omega 3, making this recipe ideal for a healthy and balanced diet. Simply click here to find your nearest stockist.

We’ve teamed up with Whitworths to create this delicious Granola Cookie Slices. With pumpkin seeds, sayer dates, apricots and dark chocolate, these bars are bursting with flavour.

This Fig & Goat’s Cheese Salad with Pine Nuts and Balsamic is truly a thing of beauty. Creamy goat’s cheese and flavoursome figs are drizzled with our Mellow Yellow Balsamic Dressing and a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts, all sat atop a bed of delicate watercress. The flavours in this salad just go together so well and the colours create something almost too pretty to eat. Our Balsamic Vinegar Dressing uses a British apple balsamic vinegar to add a wonderfully fruity flavour to this dish, really elevating the fig and goat’s cheese to create a salad you’ll want to make over and over again!

We have an amazing discovery! Combining our Mellow Yellow Mayonnaise with Classic Vinaigrette along with parmesan cheese creates an amazingly simple and tasty Homemade Caesar Dressing. Perfect for drizzling over crisp iceberg lettuce and grilled chicken to create the traditional Caesar Salad, this dressing is a brilliant way to make the famous creamy dressing yourself at home. A brilliant way to use our mayonnaise and classic vinaigrette dressing, this is a truly Mellow Yellow caesar dressing.

Using raw red peppers and our delicious Mellow Yellow Balsamic Dressing, we have created a wonderful new dip: Red Pepper Balsamic Hummus. By using raw red peppers, rather than roasted peppers, this recipe has a lovely freshness that works so well with our balsamic dressing. Our British twist on the classic Italian dressing, we use a British apple balsamic vinegar in our Mellow Yellow Balsamic Vinegar Dressing, giving the dressing a lovely fruity flavour. This fruity flavour, balanced by garlic and basil in the dressing, works so well in this hummus recipe. Perfect for enjoying with crudités, tortillas or alongside a salad, you’ll definitely want to make this simple recipe over and over again.