Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia

Ideal served warm, simply with a dip of cold pressed rapeseed oil.

BBQ Asparagus

Beautiful British Asparagus served with our mayonnaise

Oat and Chickpea Dumplings

Try warm as a simple supper or these dumplings can be served cold

Yorkshire Pudding

A truly British favourite...

Roasted Vegetables

A simple family favorite...great mixed with couscous.

Crispy Roast Potatoes

Golden, crispy and delicious!

Confit of Cod Loin

with Samphire, Pan Roast Tomatoes and Citrus Vinaigrette - Kindly shared byJon Adriaenssens from the Bell & Bear, Emberton

Honey and Mustard Mackerel

Simple, healthy and delicious for lunch or supper, a great mid-week meal for the family.

Fig, goats cheese and pinenut salad

This makes a fantastic 'cheats' starter for a dinner party, or a yummy light lunch.

Prawns with Samphire

A delicious starter or supper treat

Scallops and Roasted Cobnut Salad

Hand Dived Scallops and Roasted Cobnut Salad, Maple Syrup Dressing. Kindly shared by Michelin Star chef Adam Gray.

Duck Egg Hash

Crispy Bacon Hash with Fried Duck Egg - kindly shared by Michelin Star chef Adam Gray.

Crispy Mackerel 'BLT'

Serves four - kindly shared by Michelin Star chef Adam Gray.

Chilli Butternut Slice

Loaded with flavour and zing, this simple slice makes a perfect supper

Red pepper and goats cheese wrap

Yummy wraps - these are the best!

Bruschetta with avocado salad

So filling and tasty, our oil makes a brilliant bruschetta

Vegetable stir fry

An amazing dish, great with chicken, seafood, fish or egg fried rice

Beetroot Salad

Roast beetroot and goats cheese bruschetta


Homemade hummus made with healthier cold pressed rapeseed oil

Chicken fajita pancakes

Spice up your Pancake Day dinner with these sizzling savoury pancakes

Breakfast pancake

Classic english breakfast pancake? Yes please!

Rosemary potatoes

Sliced potatoes roasted in Mellow Yellow and aromatic rosemary.

Single Tray Breakfast

Quick and easy breakfast with minimal washing up!

Gluten Free Chicken Goujons by Goodflaura

Quick and healthy finger food recipe with Tzatziki

Southern Fried Chicken

A healthier in home option which is still finger licking good.

Asparagus, Salmon & Avocado Bruschetta

A light lunch packed with feel good food.

Cool Creamy Coleslaw

Easy to make coleslaw made form Mellow Yellow Mayonnaise

Courgette and Cheese Muffins

A great snack to have to get you through the day, simple to bake and tasty too.

Acaraje with Vatapa and Vinaigrette

A Brazilian Classic to impress all of your family and friends

Gluten and dairy free Brazilian Sanduba

A great sandwich to dive into which can feel like a healthy feast.